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ROBLOX is a massive multiplayer video game (MMO), in which players can create their own virtual worlds using all kinds of blocks. Of course, they will also be able to join the virtual worlds created and managed by other players around the world.

ROBLOX is a very fun MMO, which encourages a lot of imagination. The game, in addition, has a very good graphical section, and the fact is that works very well on Desktop (PC) and Mobile Version (IOS and Android).If you are interested to Play roblox game The first thing you have to do is register (make account) And below is how to create an account at Roblox!

Roblox login sign up

  • The first step, visit
  • Make a username. Make it unique To avoid the same username
  • Then you have to make a password. Do not become obvious, like your pets name, please123 or something like that.
  • Then you put in your birth date – note the date on the photo is not my birth date 😀
  • Choose your Gender
  • Check the small box on the left and select sign up.
  • Now, Log In to Roblox and select settings (gear icon on the left corner)

Roblox login sign up 00

  • Then verified your email

Roblox login sign up 01

Roblox login sign up 02

Done. I hope this roblox sign up tutorial will help you!

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