List of Useful Roblox Gear Codes

Roblox Gear Codes – In this era of technology and modernization, human lifestyle cannot be separated from the use of electronic devices and internet. From working, shopping, to as simple as entertainment, all of them are using internet and electronic devices. For those who are currently having a lot of free time and confused on how to spend it, you can try to play Roblox in your home. Roblox is considered a recommended game for everyone who loves games related to creating characters and town building. This online social gaming platform allows their users to design and make their own cyber game and world. The users are also able to play the available games within the platform with their self-made characters. Due to its nature, Roblox is considered as an MMRPOG game. It is also considered as one among the most well-known online social gaming in this world. Every players in this platform can release their creativity by making characters based on their personality and imagination and building town or even a whole new universe. Some of the things you can do within this platform are attending fashion shows, finding new friends and communities, wearing luxurious clothes, and even constructing buildings and theme parks.

Roblox keep on developing its platform to ensure its accessibility to various devices everywhere and every time. The latest update of this platform can be accessed through smartphones, desktops, Oculus Rift, tablets, HTC Vive, and Xbox One. Compared to other huge websites, such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and eBay, Roblox actually have a remarkable engagement rate, with approximately 496 million hours. Thanks to this fact, Roblox becomes a promising platform where the users can create a game and play the game created by other users. During its peak times, Roblox can handle more than 1.1 million players simultaneously.

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In Roblox, you can design your characters with various items, such as pants, clothes, hair, caps, and even additional accessories, such as kimono, whistle, watch, and many more. You can also add some gears to your character. You can use some of cool Roblox gear codes on the following list to make your characters more chic and good-looking.

  • Festive Roped: 139577956
  • Festive Periastron Chi: 139577901
  • Rainbow Periastron Omega: 159229806
  • Dual Venomshanks: 158069180
  • Dual Illumina: 101191388
  • Dual Darkhearts: 108149175
  • Pool Noodle: 164207842
  • 8-bit Phoenix: 163355404
  • Foul Poison Fowl: 170896941
  • Icy Arctic Fowl: 101078559
  • Phoenix: 92142799
  • Tone’s Water Polo Ball: 323192649
  • Christmas Tree Launcher: 330296114
  • Festive Artemis Bow: 332755212
  • Fallen Artemis Bow: 110892267
  • Artemis Bow: 92142841
  • Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield: 243778818
  • Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield: 73232803
  • Dual Katanas of the DarkAge Clan: 86494914
  • Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators (Second most OP gear): 86494893
  • Ghost Dragon (Third most OP gear): 94233391

The list above already shows about some of the interesting Roblox gear codes for you characters. You can use this gear codes to simply make your characters cooler, having fun with friends, or even use it for playing games. These gear codes are all free and you can use it whenever you need it for your games.

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