How to get free stuff on Roblox 2017

How to get free stuff on Roblox 2017 – Roblox is a website that hosts a series of games, scenarios and virtual environments for children between 8 and 18 years. Roblox is a MMOG, or massive multiplayer Online Games, according to its acronym in English. Children around the world can create accounts, design characters, build structures and interact with other children on the website. Parents have the ability to control what their children are exposed to. While a paid membership has several benefits, there are several features that are available to all users, for free.

How to get free stuff on Roblox 2017

Level of difficulty: Easy


  1. Visit the Roblox website to register for a free membership. On the left side of the screen, click the “Register” button. You will be asked the date of birth to verify if you are under 18 years (In which case you will be asked to have your parents set up the account). Choose the name of a character and select a password. You must also provide your parents’ email address. When you have completed the registration process, you will have a free account for yourself and another for your parents at Roblox.
  2. Win tickets. You will receive 10 tickets after completing your registration. These are delivered by creating popular buildings or spaces in which other users will want to play. You will have to download the software to start designing your space. Click on “Spaces” and then “Play” from your Roblox personal page. The software will start downloading for free. When other users play on your site, you will win tickets. You can change the latter by Robux which is the currency used by the site. With the latter, it is possible to buy what you want (in virtual form) from the catalog of the site.
  3. Recommend the site to some friends. If you invite at least four friends you will receive an Invitation badge. The latter is a virtual badge. On your personal page click on the “Share” button. Scroll to Invite friends. You will be given a code so that you can copy in an email and Roblox will send it to the addresses you have provided.
  4. Ask a friend to join the Creator Club. Roblox paid membership is named after. If you are already a member of this club and convince the friends who have registered that they also become members, both you and your friend will win 50 Robux for free. Even if your friend does not join immediately, but later, you’ll get the Robux for free
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