How to Create Your Own Mods for Roblox

Mods for Roblox – In this era of technology, playing games on gadgets becomes one of the most common things in the world. People with gadgets, such as computer, Xbox, or phone, play games whenever they feel bored or to relieve some stress after tons of workloads. There are many types of games available, both online and offline games. From simple games such as card games on computer and time management games such as Pizza Frenzy and Sally Salon, to more complicated games such as strategic games and RPG. In gaming world, there is a term called mod. This term is the short term of modification. A mod is an adjustment that changes several aspects of video games, including its appearance and behavior. A mod can be in a form of small changes, but can also be total overhauls. Sometimes it can even extend the interest and replay value of the video games. Thanks to the internet, mods for various game can be distributed and promote in a cheaper way. Some of popular websites for mods are Mod SB and NexusMods.

One of the most popular games in the internet these days is called Roblox. This online gaming platform is published and developed by Roblox Corporation. Unlike most games, Roblox is not certainly a game. Instead, this platform allows you to create your own 3D world and games, then play it with other users. In short, Roblox is a place where you can create your own game. This is the interesting point of this platform. You can create a game based on your imagination and creativity, and let others to play it with you. You can create houses, garden, and other city attributes, with an application named Roblox Studio. And for those who wish to change the environment of the game drastically, some users also provide mods for Roblox. You can purchase it from those users and apply it on your own cyber worlds.

Mods for Roblox

However, purchasing mods for Roblox is quite bothersome for some users because you need to purchase it with Robux, the exchange system used in Roblox, and it is not easy to get a lot of Robux. The good news is, you can actually create your own mods for Roblox. The steps are described below:

  • The first step is to find the said file. For windows, just click start and type Roblox. Right-click on Roblox.exe and choose Open File Location. Go to Roblox File Location, and then Content, and then Texture.
  • The next step to edit those files. You can try to edit it with Gimp application. Unleased your creativity and edit them as you like. Be sure that the backgrounds during your editing are transparent.
  • After you finish your editing, try to launch your Roblox. Your modifications should appear automatically.

Those are some of the simple step to modify your Roblox game. It is very easy things to do and it does not cost you any Robux or money. Do not forget to make a backup for all of your texture because the modifications may screw your game up.

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